Extractions/Oral Surgery

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. If a tooth has been broken or damaged from decay then your dentist will try to repair it with a crown, a filling, or other treatment. However there are cases where there is too much damage, decay or gum disease, in which case you may need to have your tooth extracted.

Why might I need to have a tooth extracted?

Your dentist will usually want to help you to keep your natural teeth but, for one or other of the following reasons, sometimes an extraction may be necessary:

  • A tooth may be damaged or has decayed beyond repair
  • Gum disease may have progressed too far to be able to save teeth
  • You may have extra teeth that prevent the teeth below them from erupting into the mouth
  • If you need braces you may require teeth to be extracted in order to make room for movement
  • Wisdom teeth or third molars may need extracting if they are impacted or don’t have enough room to come through; you may get pain, or infection around the tooth, and your gums may become sore or swollen. (A wisdom tooth is described as “impacted” when it gets stuck against the tooth in front so that it is at an angle.)
  • Rarely, a medical condition or treatment may require infected teeth to be extracted rather than conserved

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